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Apitore, the WebAPI Marketplace Make it Real

こちらのMediumの記事からの転載です。大事なビジョンなのでApitore Blogにも投稿します。 Our WebAPI Marketplace, called Apitore, is a unique platform where users can sell and buy their WebAPI. The following is the future Apitore can make it real.

Make information and communication technology like LEGO blocks

The mission of Apitore is to collect and organize information and communication technology. Apitore makes your technology a piece of LEGO block. Combination of the LEGO blocks can be a new innovative service. If your LEGO block is integrated into a big service you might be a part of big revenue stream. What an engineer has to do is to make a piece of the best LEGO block, not the entire LEGO blocks. There are tons of thousands of combinations for LEGO blocks. The best combination for performance is not always the best for users. The balance between price and performance might grab users’ heart. Your only one application will be available just like you make your own LEGO blocks.

The Shopping Mall for Information and Communication Technology

Companies can exhibit not-in-use or wait to die technology while individual developer can present his or her state-of-the-art technology.

Make innovation easy to use

Advanced technology is almost always expensive. For example, a business system such as speech recognition software and handwriting recognition software developed by large enterprise costs at least ten thousand dollar. The installation is complicated. The UI is not intuitive. UX is very bad… And there sometimes is neither a trial period nor trial software! Yes some technologies have OSS (Open-Source Software) but OSS is far from performance needs. So, what do we do, then? To make users and developers win-win, one of the best solutions is to make the software pay-per-use through Web API. Users can customize UI/UX as you like and can eliminate the trouble of installing software. The Apitore shopping mall will bring new customers without your marketing activity. Even a small usage from many users will end up to huge revenue.

Message from Apitore

We are looking for technologies you can exhibit in the form of WebAPI. All technologies including regression analysis, statistics, natural language processing, image recognition, machine learning and AI. For people at IP department and corporate R&D, University Faculties, and Government Staffs, how about presenting your state-of-the-art/not-in-use patent, application, program, and data through WebAPI? Not only you can automatically contribute to the community and can make huge ecosystem but also you could make money out of this platform without any investment. Thank you for reading this post. Apitore is looking for partners and opinion leaders. Please feel free to contact us with your comments or criticism. Best, Apitore -WebAPI marketplace- Keigo Hattori (Apitore representative) https://apitore.com/